About Mediation Arbitration Partners

Many divorce and child custody clients realize they need mediators or arbitrators to resolve their cases. A court may have ordered mediation. Their attorneys may have told them that mediation would be the next step. Or soon-to-be ex-spouses may be planning to file for divorce without lawyers. In either scenario, the search for the most appropriate mediator should take into account:

  • The mediator's experience, qualifications and knowledge of the issues to be resolved
  • The mediator's location and availability
  • The mediator's fees

The mediators and arbitrators who you will find through MAP are experienced family law attorneys throughout and beyond the Denver, Colorado, metro area who serve as mediators and arbitrators in divorce and custody cases. As mediators and arbitrators, these attorneys apply their specialized knowledge to the vital task of helping people solve their private divorce and child custody disputes out of court.

The search for the right mediator or arbiter in a divorce or custody matter can be time-consuming and full of guesswork. Mediation Arbitration Partners exists to remove those roadblocks. We aim to streamline the process. We have hand-selected qualified mediators and arbitrators and simplified the steps necessary for our patrons to move forward with confidence and without delay.

Make a wise choice from among our qualified mediators and arbitrators. We welcome inquiries from individual parties to litigation (people approaching divorce or child custody matters), from family law attorneys and from staff members at law firms who are facilitating the scheduling of mediations or arbitrations.

Learn about — and connect with — Mediation Arbitration Partners family law professionals accessible through our Mediators/Arbitrators page. Contact us through this website.