Description of Practice

David Littman has been effectively mediating and arbitrating for Front Range and Western Slope clients for twenty-five years. He has successfully mediated with over four hundred fifty couples in family law matters. Due to his years of practice, David has the ability to address complex legal and family matters. With his M.A. in Counseling Psychology and training, he is able to guide parties in the development of child centered parenting plans during mediation with sensitivity to each child's needs and developmental level. He is prepared to work with difficult family, property and financial issues as they arise during the mediation process.

Professional Background

Although David began his career as a litigator in both Federal and State Courts, he has come to believe that empowering families to resolve their disputes out of court has great benefit for both adults and children. All too often, court battles disturb the relationships between parents and children. A court battle can be financially and emotionally devastating, often consuming a family's hard earned savings. A protracted battle can make it difficult for parents to effectively communicate and co-parent. Thus, both children and parents are the losers. David believes that alternative dispute processes including mediation, Collaborative Divorce, arbitration and Early Neutral Assessment offer meaningful options to families. For more information, please go to


Due his many years of experience as a mediator, Collaborative Lawyer, arbitrator and litigator, David is able to offer his clients a unique blend of experience as he guides them through the process that they have selected to resolve their issues. He can often provide legal information which may assist the family in coming to fair agreements. His training in counseling psychology helps him to work more effectively on family and children's issues. Having held numerous leadership positions within the CBA over many years, he is well acquainted and works well with many of the attorneys who are well respected in the family law practice area.


Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, J.D. 1980; Law Quarterly, Moot Court Board. American Jurisprudence Award Contracts Washington University in St. Louis, M.A. Counseling Psychology 1973; Mediation training as part of this program Washington University in St. Louis, M.A.T. 1971 Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. 1969, Chancellor's Award


When it is possible David facilitates the parties' communication with the goal of empowering them to find reasonable compromise and to seek the mutually best outcomes for themselves and the children. He urges respectful communication by suggesting that parents act toward one another in ways that will make their children proud of them.

Background David has also served on the CBA Ethics Committee since 2009.

David is a former chairman of the Family Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association. He presently serves on the Colorado Supreme Court's Standing Committee on Family Issues. He is on the CBA committee designated to address issues of client competency in family law cases. He has been a member of the CBA Ethics Committee since 2009. David has been designated a Colorado Super Lawyer by his peers every year since 2012.

Areas of Practice

  • Family Law Mediation and Arbitration
  • Family Law including Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
  • Collaborative Law
  • High Asset Divorce
  • Complex Child Custody
  • Relocation Issues

David is a published author and has written for The Colorado Lawyer on the Standards for Child and Family Investigators. He has co-authored a chapter in the book, Advocates for Children: The CLR, CFI and PRE in Colorado. His topic was Investigating Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse Cases. He has also co-authored chapters for the Bench Book including one on Client Competency and another on the Role of the Parental Responsibilities Evaluator/Child Legal Representative/Child and Family Investigator/Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker/Arbitrator. David frequently is asked to present at seminars. He recent topics have included Client Competency Issues and Professionalism in the Practice of Family Law.