Mediators/Arbitrators Available For Scheduling

Mediation Arbitration Partners provides direct connections between divorce and custody dispute patrons, with or without lawyers, and carefully selected mediators and arbitrators. Each of our partners is an experienced divorce and custody attorney who conducts mediation and/or arbitration in addition to handling their own divorce and custody practices. Our patrons or our patrons' lawyers and staff at the law firms have the opportunity to simply, and without delay, schedule mediation or arbitration sessions with appropriate mediators and arbiters.

Our Mediators And Arbitrators Are Highly Qualified

Divorce cases and child custody disputes present great challenges to many. Mediation Arbitration Partners provides services that enable individuals and couples to settle or resolve disputes without the expense and debilitating courtroom battle. As experienced divorce and child custody lawyers, these highly qualified professionals have practiced in family law courts in jurisdictions throughout Colorado and particularly in the Denver metro area.

We Understand The Law, The Courts And Your Divorce Or Custody Matter

Our mediators and arbitrators understand litigation and can foresee likely outcomes that parties to the dispute may not be able to understand or predict in Colorado divorce or child custody courts. They have acquired this knowledge through firsthand experience while representing hundreds of previous clients. They have prepared for years to facilitate out-of-court resolutions or settlements, which are precisely what today's parties to divorce and custody disputes need. The goal in each case is a cost-effective, reliable, reasonable resolution that takes into account legal requirements as well as the human and emotional elements underlying divorce and custody issues.

Review the qualified mediators and arbitrators available on our site. Choose one who is experienced in your area of dispute and whose location is convenient to you. Contact Mediation Arbitration Partners for assistance scheduling a session.