Everything You Need To Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a tried-and-true way of arriving at terms of a divorce or child custody matter. The most important benefits this website offers are connection to experienced mediators and arbitrators and a streamlined path to resolution of your divorce or child custody case.

Mediation Arbitration Partners welcomes your interest and your inquiry. See our Mediators/Arbitrators page to discover how to find an ADR practitioner appropriate for your case.

The 'A' In ADR

"A" is for an alternative way to settle a divorce or child custody matter with confidence, without the traditional trappings of a courtroom, judge and jury.

Often, a divorce or parenting plan can be completed through direct negotiations. Other times, cases end up in court, resulting in court-ordered divorces or parenting plans. However, many people need and want an alternative to informal negotiations or litigation. When negotiations do not bring all necessary answers, the alternative is mediation or arbitration, which may provide the necessary middle ground for arriving at a fair outcome.

When you and your spouse or you and your child's other parent enter into mediation or arbitration, you have the opportunity to retain control of the schedule and the key issues up for resolution. Mediation Arbitration Partners has streamlined the method for selecting a mediator or arbitrator. We facilitate the first step in ADR: providing an alternative to going to court and matching consumers with appropriate practitioners, whether mediators or arbitrators.

The 'D' In ADR

"D" is for the dispute or disputes you need to resolve.

Common disputes are: Who will retain ownership of the marital home? Where will our children live most of the time? How often will they visit the other parent (or grandparents)? Will a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) divide retirement accounts? Will the higher-earning spouse pay spousal support (alimony) to the other and if so, will payments be temporary or long-term?

You may have come to this Web page because you are approaching a divorce, you are going through a divorce, you need a workable child custody and visitation agreement, or you need a modification to a court order.

The mediators and arbitrators who you will find on this Web page are experienced at resolving these types of disputes. You need help to navigate your Colorado divorce or child custody matter.

The 'R' In ADR

"R" is for resolution that will allow your life and your family to move forward.

A divorce or child custody dispute should not take over your life indefinitely and when you are locked in a court battle, it feels like it will never end. At some point — ideally, sooner rather than later — answers to critical questions may come through mediation or arbitration. Working with an arbitrator or a mediator who is a respected career attorney with ample experience in divorce and child custody cases can offer the reassurance that decisions will be as legally sound as a judge's order would be.

A big difference between a judge's order and a resolution reached through mediation or arbitration is that of control. The people at the heart of a family matter reach an agreement and then live with the consequences when it becomes part of a court order. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) keeps control of those life-changing decisions in the hands of those whom they directly affect: a wife, a husband, a mother and/or a father, with full consideration of the best interests of any affected child or children. These are the resolutions that people desperately need and come to MAP to help them achieve.

Court-Ordered Or Voluntary ADR

A family law court may have ordered you and your spouse (or your child's other parent) to mediation or you and your spouse may be working your way toward a divorce without lawyers. Your case may be contentious or amicable, but in either scenario, you need to bring a conclusion to the disputes while minimizing expenses and disruption to your life.

ADR Acknowledges The Human Aspects Of Divorce And Child Custody Agreements

Undoing the bonds of a family unit is never easy. Each person, each couple, each parent-child relationship and each divorce or custody case brings unique considerations to the table. There may be many points of disagreement or just a few.

Whatever the particulars of your case, we are confident that through Mediation Arbitration Partners, you can find an appropriate ADR practitioner. Our mediators and arbiters can help you understand everything you need to know about ADR and how to navigate it as it relates to your case.

We have streamlined the process of getting Denver area consumers and providers of mediation and arbitration in direct contact without delay. Contact Mediation Arbitration Partners for assistance.