Arbitration In Divorce And Custody Disputes

Alternatives to litigation and direct negotiations for settling divorces or stand-alone child custody cases include mediation and arbitration.

Arbitration more closely resembles what happens in a courtroom, but proceedings occur "off record." Spouses or parents settle their differences with the help of a professional arbitrator, who is an attorney serving as the judge in the case. The outcome becomes part of court filings, but discussions leading up to the outcome remain private.

Advantages Of Arbitration In Divorce And Custody And Parenting Time Cases

Privacy, control of the scheduling and reduction of the risk of out-of-control costs are all reasons for choosing arbitration over going to court. Arbitration gives an arbitrator the authority to decide on a fair outcome after hearing arguments from two people or two sides of a legal matter. Once an arbitrator makes a decision, it then will become a court order.

People approaching divorce or child custody and parenting time decisions often bring serious disagreements to the table and are passionate about their respective positions. If you are in this situation, you may nonetheless understand the risks and costs involved in full-blown litigation. Life is not a war, after all — but you want to stand on the side of what you believe is right. Arbitration can provide a means by which to present compelling arguments and select a qualified arbitrator to issue a legally sound, legally binding agreement based on all arguments presented.

Things To Look For When Selecting An Arbitrator

Mediation Arbitration Partners allows family law clients and their lawyers the opportunity to select from an array of available arbitrators, each with unique qualifications and characteristics, including:

  • Focus practice areas in their own law practices
  • Years of experience
  • Jurisdictions of previous clients
  • Location in Denver or elsewhere
  • Availability
  • Hourly rates

Mediation Arbitration Partners Can Put You In Touch With The Right Arbitrator For Your Case

Through our Mediators and Arbitrators page, users of this website can select preferred arbitrators. Our services assist Colorado divorce and custody clients and their attorneys. Our aim is to facilitate resolution of family law disputes, including resolution of complex issues such as business valuation, allocation or division of business interests, valuation of real estate, division of retirement accounts, fair accounting of executive compensation and division of investments and debts. Many complex divorce cases have gone through arbitration en route to successful conclusions.

Please contact Mediation Arbitration Partners for assistance scheduling a session with a mediator or arbitrator appropriate for your divorce or custody case.