When A Court Orders Mediation

Family courts are overloaded with a backlog of divorce cases and child custody disputes. Simply stated, there are too many cases for the courts to handle them quickly or efficiently. One way that courts try to solve the backlog of cases, more and more, is for courts to order the parties to go through the mediation process before they get into court. Another good reason for ordering mediation relates to the fact that many issues in divorce and child custody matters are best decided by the parties themselves. Whether a lawyer represents you or you pursue a divorce on your own, it is standard procedure for family law courts to require mediation before a divorce goes to trial. Often, being ordered to go through mediation is a good thing. It allows the parties to have more control over the process and a better voice in the outcome.

Mediation: A Normal Pathway Toward A Colorado Divorce Or Modification

All Denver metro courts and most other Colorado courts will not schedule a divorce hearing until mediation is complete. Therefore, you need not be surprised or worried by this requirement. On the contrary, mediation before a divorce — or in preparation for deciding on a child custody and visitation arrangement — provides valuable opportunities that have proven to be effective in thousands of divorce and child custody cases in Colorado and elsewhere.

Mediation keeps vital family-related communications centered on the people involved, rather than on a judge. You and your soon-to-be ex (or your child's other parent) will be able to resolve private family matters in a confidential, personalized setting. The same is true if you or the other person is seeking a post-decree modification.

Find The Mediator Best Suited To Your Case And Circumstances

If the Colorado court in your jurisdiction has ordered you and the other party in your case to mediation, consider the advantages that Mediation Arbitration Partners has to offer. While other mediators are out there, it can be difficult to find the most appropriate one with the availability you need. Mediation Arbitration Partners allows you to consider your selection from among our highly qualified, pre-screened divorce and child custody attorneys who also serve as mediators.

To Streamline Fulfillment Of Court-Ordered Mediation Requirements, Take Advantage Of Our Selection And Scheduling System

Mediation Arbitration Partners has a vital mission: To get clients and mediators connected without delay for the purpose of resolving family law disputes more peacefully and at a lower cost than through litigation traditional court case. For scheduling assistance, contact Mediation Arbitration Partners.