When Mediation Is The Path To Resolution Of Divorce And Child Custody Disputes

Mediation is one of the most popular and widely used forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in legal settings. ADR helps keep private family matters such as divorce and custody in the hands of the people at the heart of the issues. Mediation promotes humane interactions between estranged spouses or separated parents.

Keep Control Of Your Private Family Matters Through Mediation

Divorce is a process that takes time. Mediation allows divorcing spouses to take the time they need to resolve issues on their own terms and with minimal stress. At the same time, it promotes timely settlements that allow parties to conclude divorce or custody cases and move on to the healing stage of life after divorce or separation.

Mediation Can Address Any Topic In Question During Any Stage Of A Divorce Or Custody Case

Mediation at its finest provides guidance from a neutral third party who assists parties in disputes as they pursue workable resolutions. Family law courts in Colorado and elsewhere recognize the value to families of allowing spouses or parents to reach their own best conclusions to questions of:

  • Property division in divorce
  • Spousal support during or after a divorce
  • Child custody and child support as part of a divorce or as a standalone legal matter
  • Post-decree modifications to support or custody terms

Why Not Litigation?

Litigation that allows a judge to make the decisions for you is the last resort. Litigation focuses on contentious aspects of a case. It is costly. It bogs down courts. Trial dates are strict. For all these reasons, many family law clients elect to resolve their cases through mediation. Family law courts often order litigants to mediation. Others go through the process voluntarily. Our mediators serve clients in both situations.

Find A Denver Area Mediator — Our Mediators Are Experienced Colorado Family Law Attorneys

Look over the credentials of the mediators on the Mediators and Arbitrators page. Select one or more who look appropriate for your court-ordered mediation case. Your divorce lawyer may help you make the selection. Contact Mediation Arbitration Partners for help scheduling a mediation session with one of our mediators. We can help you access the information you need to make the best choice for your divorce or custody case.