ADR Is Ideal For Achieving A Peaceful Divorce

People often joke that marriage is sometimes a battleground. When a divorce goes to court, there are no more jokes, and all you get is a battle. The problem with such a struggle is that battle lines are drawn. People get locked into their positions, can no longer think in terms of resolution and instead think in terms of winning or losing. In such a conflict, there are no winners. Relationships that are already damaged are often destroyed. This becomes a huge problem especially in cases involving children. Litigation, and the damage it creates, makes future cooperation nearly impossible for separated mothers and fathers trying to co-parent children.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) cannot repair all relationships, but the goal is to allow the parties to cooperate in reaching a resolution. Instead of fighting each other, the parties are encouraged to work together toward a solution that will work for everyone. This involves compromise. However, this is much better than having a judge you do not know making decisions for you. In addition, it allows the parties to communicate and hopefully work together in the future. The vast majority have no interest in trying to harm each other. They often still care about each other's long-term well-being, but they have decided that a peaceful divorce is the most appropriate conclusion to their marriage. ADR can help divorcing couples, represented by lawyers or not, achieve that goal sensibly.

Factors Of Divorce And Custody

Reasons for divorce differ as greatly as individual lifestyles and circumstances do. A divorce is not always the result of wrongdoing or betrayal. Whether a divorce is peaceful or contentious, the legal requirements leading to a divorce decree are similar for everyone:

  • Property division is essential in every divorce.
  • Spousal support or maintenance/alimony may be appropriate after a long-term marriage or when incomes vary greatly and a dependent spouse is unable to support herself or himself right away.
  • Child custody and parenting time arrangements are essential when minor children are involved.
  • Child support is usually part of a court order that includes child custody and parenting time.

ADR Can Help You Reach A Cost-Effective, Expedient And Fair Resolution

In a peaceful divorce, divorcing spouses do not intend to take more than their share as divorce divides marital estates. In a thoughtful, child-centered custody case, a mother and father determine the healthiest pathway to co-parenting after separation and divorce.

In sum, reasonable people do not want to engage in war to resolve divorce or child custody With or without the representation of a lawyer or lawyers, ADR methods can help ensure that all key issues, including health insurance, retirement accounts and children's educational needs, are taken into account. Even when a married couple is approaching an agreed-upon divorce, mediation or arbitration can provide closure with confidence.

Find The Mediator Or Arbitrator Most Appropriate To Facilitate Your Divorce Or Custody Agreement

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