For Some, ADR Is A Path To Divorce Without Lawyers

Many divorcing couples wish to accomplish dissolution of marriage without involvement of judges or attorneys. They may investigate how to accomplish a "do-it-yourself divorce," only to realize potential pitfalls such as questions about real estate property division, retirement account division, health insurance, child custody and visitation, and related issues. The quest for divorce without lawyers may seem elusive — and still attractive.

An Alternative To Litigation

There is another way to achieve a peaceful or low-cost divorce when disputes are smaller or not even obvious. Couples can enlist the services of a professional mediator or arbitrator to facilitate agreement of terms for a divorce or child custody arrangement. Mediation Arbitration Partners provides clients in the Denver, Colorado, metro area the opportunity to review available mediators and arbiters and schedule sessions with the most appropriate ones.

ADR As A Method

We created Mediation Arbitration Partners to meet a need for a streamlined system of matching family law partners with mediators and arbitrators in the Denver metro area. All our arbiters are experienced, practicing family law attorneys, but in their roles as part of this team, they do not represent clients in litigation. Rather, through mediation and arbitration, they facilitate agreements between divorcing spouses or between separated parents of minor children. These agreements, in turn, inform courts in preparation for issuance of divorce decrees and child custody decrees.

Yes, They Are Lawyers, But For Our Patrons, They Assume Roles Of Mediators And Arbiters

The mediators and arbitrators you will find through Mediation Arbitration Partners are all licensed to practice family law in Colorado. All have current or recent experience litigating cases in front of judges in jurisdictions throughout the Denver metro area and nearby. They stay up to date through continuing legal education (CLE) and professional activities. Some have been distinguished fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as well as the Colorado Bar Association Family Law Section. Many have been named in Super Lawyers, Top 50 Lawyers and other designations acknowledging their knowledge and experience. Many focus on practice areas of special interest to specific clients of Mediation Arbitration Partners.

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