Resolving Child Custody And Parenting Time Disputes Through Mediation

Child custody and parenting time issues are some of the most stressful aspects of family law. High conflict is common in child custody and parenting time cases. These disputes normally fall into one of these types:

  • A custody and parenting time dispute between parents going through divorce
  • A custody and parenting time dispute between divorced parents when one or both seek a modification of an existing court order
  • A custody and parenting time dispute between unmarried parents

When either parent wants to dictate or change custody or parenting time arrangements, a resolution leading to an enforceable court order will be necessary. You may arrive at a resolution to your child custody and parenting time dispute through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Mediation Arbitration Partners aims to simplify the process of selecting a mediator or arbitrator and scheduling alternative dispute resolution (ADR) sessions and timelines. Our clients come from throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. We carefully select lawyers with years of experience in Colorado family law to list as mediators and arbitrators available through Mediation Arbitration Partners.

Please peruse our selection of active mediators and arbitrators to select the most appropriate one for your case. Get the resolution of your child custody matter underway without the interference of a judge or the scrutiny of a jury.

A Custody And Parenting Time Order Needs To Clarify Terms Of Co-Parenting

Your child custody and parenting time matter is part of your divorce, a post-divorce modification issue or pertaining to parenthood outside of marriage. Resolving child custody and parenting time disputes means determining:

  • Where the child will live most of the time
  • Whether parents will share parenting time equally or have one parent with primary custody and the other parent involved through a parenting arrangement
  • Which parent will have the legal status to make decisions about education, religion, health care or travel
  • Whether both parents will share in decisions
  • How decision making and parenting time will go if one parent is in the military and sometimes out of state or out of the country
  • To what extent an older child's preference will be a factor in decisions
  • Which parent will provide transportation for the child between the two homes
  • Who will pay for the child's expenses in addition to child support

These are all areas in which parents often find themselves in disagreement before, during or after a divorce or breakup. Mediators and arbitrators available through Mediation Arbitration Partners facilitate cost-effective, child-centered resolutions.

Mediation Arbitration Partners Offers ADR Services For Clients And Attorneys

Parents in the process of resolving child custody disputes: Your attorney may have advised you to seek out a mediator or a court may have ordered you to meditation. Take advantage of Mediation Arbitration Partners' services for consumers. Get the ADR process underway and learn firsthand how mediation can help you and your former spouse or partner get off on the right foot in your co-parenting journey.

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